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It is disheartening to hear that a false alarm was raised a few days ago on the alleged kidnap of the Ijaw Youth President, Peter Igbifa, on his way to Abuja en route the Port Harcourt Airport.

No doubt the alleged kidnap was to make the Minister of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, Godswill Akpabio look bad in the eyes of Nigerians, arising from the threat of massive protest to shut down the Niger Delta region by the Izon Youth Congress and other ethnic groups that have signed in to join the protest as a result of the non-appointment of a substantive board for the Niger Delta Development Commission for the past three years.

We can recall the NDDC is still at present being run by an Interim sole administrator. This alien appointment runs counter to the provisions of the act that established the NDDC. This was not the intendment of the framers of the NDDC Act. To add salt to injury the appointment of Mr Effiong Akwa as announced by Femi Adesina, the Presidential spokesman, was said to be an open-ended appointment. That the appointment of Effiong Akwa ends whenever the forensic audit is concluded. And this is the reason why the minister has exploited this clause to his personal advantage by shifting the date for the end to the audit. It is quite interesting. About two trillion so far has been budgeted and approved for the commission in the past three years with nothing tangible to show till date and no one his batting an eyelid.

But unfortunately we have a roguish team that has hold sway with many enablers right in the system, some by way of appointments, serving in various capacities in an institution they once criticized.

It is no news that the forensic audit ordered by the president has now been turned into a circus for mismanagement and misappropriation of public funds to oil the machinery of political interests of a few while the region and its people continue to suffer the perpetual psychological torture of these buccaneers.

It is now made abundantly clear that many of the kidnap cases we hear are all a hoax and all in a bid to heat up the polity and blow the insecurity situation out of proportion and by extension malign President Buhari. What the IYC President and his co travellers did is unacceptable in any sane society. We cannot allow these characters to roam free in our society. They must be brought to face the law if it is established that he faked his kidnap to deter many whom have indulged in this kind of practice.

Yes Peter Igbifa may have done well to oppose the present situation in the NDDC like many have done across the country and still do because what we have seen coming out of the NDDC is a putrid smell that is not good for any government that purports to be fighting corruption. The NDDC today has become an institution where corruption walks with four legs and you can feel the corruption like a solid object all under the watch of Godswill Akpabio who superintends over the NDDC.

Joseph Ambakederimo,

Convener, South South Reawakening Group

Source: https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2021/06/03/the-iyc-false-alarm/

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