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Parachutist Lands On A Football Pitch In Poland And His POV Has Emerged

Parachutist Lands On A Football Pitch In Poland And His POV Has Emerged

A parachutist in Poland managed to interrupt a live football match by landing on the pitch and footage of his point of view has emerged.

Olimpia Elblag took on PISA Primavera Barczewo in the Polish fifth tier on Sunday and play was brought to a standstill.

The man landed right in the middle of the pitch and players were quick to move out the way.

Commentary can be heard laughing at the incident, but the referee showcased impeccable comedic timing.

He approached the unnamed parachutist and booked him for the stoppage in play.

YouTube users have managed to find video of his descent and it is quite remarkable to watch. Check it out below.

Fans have reacted to the video and they think a yellow card is a rather tame punishment.

One commented: “Now I’ve seen it, yellow seems fair. Gotta speed up these var decisions though.”

Another added: “That’s as clear a (sky)dive as any. Deserved a red.”

A third stated: “My cousin said this is the big story in town, apparently. His friend argued it should’ve been a red though.”

While someone else said: “Definitely returning from the Gulag and trying to stay in the air as long as possible for the free loadout.”

The initial offence was not given straight away and Petty, the man in the middle, went to the VAR screen to check the incident.

While surrounded by players and coaches from both sides, Petty watched a slew of different replays and angles before deciding Pulisic had been fouled by Carlos Salcedo and awarded the penalty in dramatic fashion.

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