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2023: Kogi Gov Kicks against Rotational Presidency

2023: Kogi Gov Kicks against Rotational Presidency

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By Deji Elumoye

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, has rejected the quest for the country’s presidency in 2023 to be based on rotation, describing the system as one that has outlived its usefulness.

Rather, he said competence and the ability to deliver on all variables should be the criteria to be used in considering who occupies the presidency in the next general election.

Speaking to journalists yesterday after meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the State House, Abuja, Bello, who said he may heed the clamour from Nigerians to contest the 2023 presidential election, emphasised that competence and capacity should be the criteria for electing the next president, and not his ethnicity or region.

He stressed the need to fix Nigeria politically once and for all since 1999, by evaluating the country’s successes or achievements from the rotational presidency between then and now.

According to him Nigeria should simply go for the best “after all, we copy this democracy from America and some of the order developed countries. How many of these countries are practising ‘traditional’ presidency?”

The Kogi State governor also said: “You see, we are where we are today not because we are practising rotational presidency. If you want to go by that rotational presidency, then do perfect zoning. Go by perfect rotation. And if you go by rotation and whichever way you come from, I don’t think you should exclude where I come from. That’s number one.

“Secondly, let us get a credible, sincere, patriotic Nigerian to fix the country. If you’re flying an aircraft, you don’t ask who the pilot is. If you take the operation in a hospital, you wouldn’t ask which doctor is this, is he from your zone, your tribe or your religion? all you want is the best pilot to fly you safely to your destination. All you want is for the best doctor to handle you and deliver you safely in the operation.

“I think Nigeria is at that point now in seeking the best from anywhere in this country, irrespective of where the person comes from. Thereafter, whoever remains in the position should reflect equity, fairness and justice. That is my position.”

Asked how he intends to convince the South-easterners who are clamoring to produce the next president to support him, Bello said: “Like I said, when the time comes, and when God gives us the grace, we’ll get there by the grace of God.

“Surely I am an advocate of who can serve this country in the best way. Currently, I have a southeasterner serving in my administration in Kogi State. Specifically, my Director General, Research and Development, who doubles as my speech writer, Mr. Moses Okezie, is from Anambra State.”

Source: https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2021/06/04/2023-kogi-gov-kicks-against-rotational-presidency/

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